This is an email I sent to a British fellow in England who works at a gun shop in hopes that they might be able to help me ID my Parker Hale rifle. All the info is there I think. Its worded to him, and I don't want to go through it and fix it all because its long. So if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, etc... Let me know. Thanks. Brad.

The email I sent to England is as follows:
I have a Parker Hale rifle, and I was going to pry your knowledge and see if you could give me any information about it. I don't know anything about Parker Hale rifles, other than they used to be made in England. I have attached a picture of it as well. It is not a very close up picture, but maybe it will be good enough you might be able to shed some light on the topic. I can take and send more pictures if you think that might help. The only visible markings that I can see are above the stock itself. I don't know if there are any more on the under side of the barrel, or numbers or other marks on the stock itself, or the barrel.

Visible marks:

1. Parker-Hale Ltd. Birmingham England - stamped on the top of the barrel above the sling swivel.

2. Cal 308W (.308 Winchester) - stamped in front of the receiver right in front of the barrel (I guess that ones pretty self explanatory.

3. Crown (looks like to me) with "BNP" stamped beneath it - stamped near the caliber letters on the barrel in front of the receiver.

4. Crown over "BNP" once more - stamped on the receiver on the left side if pointing the gun away from me above serial number.

5. D 1**6 M - Serial number I would assume stamped below crown over "BNP" on left side of receiver.

6. "Safari" - stamped below and between the scope mounts on the left side of the receiver
That appears to be to my eyes, all of the numbers/stampings visible above the stock of the gun.

On the bolt, there is a number stamped on the handle that matches the serial number, however no letters are present. Stamped on the safety lever, is a "PH" inside of a circle a few millimeters in diameter. Also stamped on the handle near the main body of the bolt, is another crown with "BNP" stamped beneath it. Then on the underside of the bolt, which appears to be the part that contacts the sear, there is a "Z" in a small circle a millimeter or two in diameter. That would appear to be all of the visible marks on the bolt itself. The bolt handle is not hollowed out, it appears to be solid.

Dimensions of the rifle:

Height - 44 inches/112 cm (overall length from end of stock to tip of barrel)
Barrel - 22.5/57 cm (Measured from where the barrel and receiver meet)
Compensator - 2 inches/5 cm (Length of ported compensator attached to the end of the barrel)

I am not a wood connoisseur but would guess its a Walnut, with checkered patterns on the shooting hand grip (pistol grip), and the fore hand grip. The coat on the stock seems to be pretty shiny also. There is a black plate (possible rosewood pistol grip cap) with a white piece of plastic or painted on white stripe that is held on by a screw at the bottom of the shooting hand grip (pistol grip). The magazine well has a removable metal floor plate. The trigger guard is also metal. Neither are an alloy, a magnet stuck to all of the metal parts. The scope must be some kind of alloy, the magnet did not stick to it. The current scope is a Simmons, after market addition. Not sure of the weight, but it can't weigh much more than 7 or 8 pounds. It has a Monte Carlo cheek piece on the left side, ideal for a right handed shooter. The sling swivels do not actually swivel, they are stationary. It would appear that there are no remnants of front sights, but the rear sights have been removed, and a shaved, rounded piece of metal put in place of them. I took it to a gun place locally here in the US, and they said it was a Mauser action. But it was so long ago I don't remember what the guy said. I am not sure he was able to figure out what kind of model it was or not. But that is one thing I do remember. He said it was a good looking rifle, he didn't see too many of them like it. I paid about $200-$250 USD for it probably a year or so ago. I don't recall exactly. 4 rounds fit in the mag well, and a 5th round I can put in the chamber over top of them.

I have a "Gun Traders Guide" that I bought here in the US, and Parker-Hale is listed in it. But, the problem I have is of the descriptions listed, there is not one exact match. It sounds like it could be a Model 1000 Standard Rifle, but it has "Safari" stamped on the side of the receiver. It nearly fits the Model 1200 Super Bolt Action to a T, but there is no Rosewood forend tip. So I don't know if its just a mis-matched rifle, or what.

Hopefully you might be able to help me out, or lend me any ideas, or other people I might contact about it. I thank you for your time reading this huge long novel. If you have any questions, or require additional pictures, I can make it happen. Cheers. Brad.

Here is the image location at photobucket: