DRD Paratus 16, 16-LR, 18, etc.
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    Default DRD Paratus 16, 16-LR, 18, etc.

    So I recently had the very unique opportunity to see this amazing gun in operation, and not just on the internet! Normally I'm a shotgun person, shotguns fill out every use I need them to and could ever want... but something about a .308 round and a gun that breaks down and stores in a suitcase just gets me in the special kind of place.

    But here's my concern... it's $5,600. Now, that's not a problem in itself. I can save up, and would be more than willing to! But the other problem is the pending and still very much on the table Assault Weapon's ban.

    My question is as follows: Would I still be able to purchase this rifle if the ban passes in its entirety? It comes default with a 20 round magazine, but I doubt it's much a problem to pop a 10 round in there. However, with all it's other specifications, would it just be flat out illegal?

    Here's a link to the gun I'm looking at for purchase: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I'm all for saving up, but if it's doomed from the start I'll just drop a few grand less on a Barrett Model 99 and get into large caliber shooting. Not very many assault type weapons ever catch my fancy, but dang it, this thing has me by the gills.

    I'm not sure what all goes into this assault weapons ban, and wanted to check to see if it was worth saving up another few grand or just going for a different option. Thanks for the help!

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    Sure is pretty....save up for 2 of them and I'll store one over at my place for you.

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    This is a gimmicky pitch to sell a semi-auto rifle on the AR platform. The definition of an assault rifle, buy the way, is a weapon capable of fully automatic function so as to provide suppressing fire in a combat scenario. Semi automatic self loading rifles should not be classified as "assault weapons", it only adds to the current frenzy.

    AR platform rifles with a "take down " barrel nut have been marketed before in a "suitcase " package, in .223/5.56 - They don't sell very well because they don't offer any advantages over a carbine with collapseable stock, as far as storage or portability. They are also difficult to bring into action, because of assembly before use or need. Save your money and buy a rifle that is proven and cheaper.


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