best brand .338
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Thread: best brand .338

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    Default best brand .338

    looking to buy .338 lapua what is the best brand out there

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    There is no 'best' brand because everybody's preferances are different. When looking for a gun I research different guns to see the pros and cons of all that I am considering, next I make a list of the 'good' guns in order of best to worst (for me) that are within my budget, then find out which ones are readily available, and finally try each of them to see which one is best for me. I usually look at how comfortable it is to hold first, then (if I can) I check how it feels to shoot, next I check the action to see how that feels, and the absolute last thing I look at is the appearance of the gun, this is least important but having a good looking gun helps.

    If you aren't sure about a gun then post here to get the members opinions on it. Good luck with your purchase
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    Desert Tactical Arms, GAP, McMillan, & Surgeon comes to mind. But you better get your pocket book out for one of these!
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    The Sako TRG-42 has a pretty good reputation.
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    sakos are really sweet. They look sexy and shoot straight... really straight

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    To each his own I`d like a 338 also but I`m thinking custom... Whoa.... Theres and expensive idea

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    The Savage 110BA has a tactical look to it, but once again your pocketbook better be well stocked as msrp is around $2400
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