Mossberg Model 151M-B
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    Default Mossberg Model 151M-B

    I came across an unusual looking .22 Mosbberg rifle today model 151M-B with a Mannlicher Stock( They probably all came that way). The gun also had a WESCO-65 scope 4 X 32. The gun is in great shape. No rusting on any of the metal, bluing has faded around the front sight. The stock is in magnifient shape with very few dings.

    It is tube fed but is done thru the stock. I paid only $140 plus tax to get it. According to what I have read it was made between 1948 and 1954. If I knew how to post pictures I would but I will have to wait until my son the computer geek comes over.

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    You have picked yourself up one very fine rifle and at a very good price to boot. As a fan of old Mossies I will tell you that you've got yourself the top model of their semi-auto .22 rifles. The 151M was introduced in 1946 and was an improvement over the Model 51M which was a pre-war model. The 151M was followed in 1947 by the 151M(a), the 151M(b) in 1948, and the 151M(c) in 1954. Your rifle should have left the factory with an S130 receiver sight which will serve you very well. You may be interested in knowing that the 151M(b) was originally offered at a price of $30.90. (By the way: That full length stock is actually a 2 piece. The junction is under that steel strap near the muzzle.)

    Congratulations on a great deal on a great old rifle.

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    Hopefully your son can get the pics up soon. It sounds like a neat rifle.
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    Hi, I got to your post by searching for Mossberg mod.151M-B. It seems I also have one with the extended forestock. The rifle belonged to my late uncle, I have not fired it, it is hanging on the wall rusting and collecting dust. I was just looking to see what it might be worth, and if I need to treat it better. Guess I should clean it up.


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