Muzzle crown on ar15
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    Default Muzzle crown on ar15

    Hey everyone, noob to the forums! Been reading for years but finally had a question that I can't really find a concrete answer to. So I just built my first psa ar kit, it's a 16" middy 13.5 keymod freedom rifle mated with a Tennessee arms co. Poly Lower (let the hating commence) which I love! Got about 3-400 rds down range without a hiccup. Now on to the point, I installed an adjustable gas block (overgassed from factory) and in the process I noticed some kind of burrs or markings on the muzzle which doesn't sit well with me. It shoots 1.5-2 moa with decent ammo(minute of pie pan with blaster ammo) but I was wondering if I could wring out some more accuracy if the burrs were filed off and barrel target crowned. Or does any of this even matter with the a2 installed? Or are they supposed to be there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! And sorry for the long post... just wanted to give some insight on the build...
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    I see nothing amiss with that muzzle crown.
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    Dont see that making a bit of difference regarding accuracy. Now if those bumps were on the beveling around the bore I might be concerned but they are not.
    Personally, I'd leave em alone and not give them a second thought.

    As far as the polymer lower... Its your gun, you built it. You're the only one thats gotta like it.
    Nice looking piece btw.

    Welcome to NGF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Popeye View Post
    I see nothing amiss with that muzzle crown.

    If you think you have a burr on your crown, run a q-tip around it then proceed accordingly.
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