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Thread: Ruger vs. Smith & Wesson

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    Son worked and hiked a lot into "secret" fishing holes in Alaska. Favorite hiking accessory is a 12 Ga. pump with plug out. First round buckshot (to the face) followed by slugs. .454 Casull was their minimum caliber for a handgun which they thought was a joke anyway.

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    To many people drink the Colt koolaid and think that they are the best out there. The reason the Colts are double the price of the other models is because you can't buy them anymore not that they are any better or worse. the same reason AR's are selling for double the price, can't get them.

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    I feel the rugers are stronger than the Smith& Wessons.And feel the Smith and Wessons are smoother operating than the Rugers as far as revolvers go.
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    I have the Smith and wesson .44 magnum Performance center with a 12 inch barrel. I shoot the Hornaday lever evolution bullet. Also a Nikon gold series scope. Very low recoil for a .44mag and it is deadly out to 125 yds as a couple coyotes found out this season but It does not seem to shoot straight at 32 yds, At least this year it did not, must be the gun. I do love my S&W . Never had a Ruger Blackhawk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigblue_dl View Post
    I'm new around here, and I've been spending some time reading through threads. I recently purchased a S&W Model 686 as my first revolver. I have plenty of previous experience with long guns. hunting and target shooting since I was a kid, but this is my first experience with a revolver. I have yet to shoot it, as I haven't gotten time to get out to the farm since I picked it up a few weeks ago. I have read the comments in this thread about various cartridges and how the S&W and Ruger handle them differently. I got the impression that the conversation was mostly about older, smaller models of revolvers, and not the large frame 686 that I have. My question is, should I be concerned about shooting rounds that are too hot for the gun? I am only planning on shooting manufactured ammunition, I am not loading my own. I just want to be sure I won't be shooting anything that could damage the gun, since this is my first experience with it.

    Thanks for any advice!
    I've shot a great deal of factory ammo through my 686 (and some very hot stuff) and it's a rock. I've been looking into Buffalo Bore and some other hot categorically similar loads, and both Smith and the makers of the ammo are confident that it's not a problem in a 686. Hand loading is something else, it's not my forte, and can obviously be overload anything if you don't know what you're doing. Don't see a problem with the 686 with any factory ammo chambered for that caliber

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