NYT Journalist Behind Comey Article Never Saw The Memo
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    Default NYT Journalist Behind Comey Article Never Saw The Memo

    19 MAY 2017

    The New York Times used to be one of the most credible papers out there. If someone was a reporter for this prestigious paper, it was because of the stellar reporting that happened.

    However, the organization’s credibility has taken a considerable hit, especially after all the hit pieces that have gone out against President Trump recently. Arguably the biggest one was the Comey memo piece, and the story has just changed drastically.

    It allegedly stated that former FBI Director Comey wrote a memo about an encounter with the President. Supposedly, Trump had asked Comey to lay off the investigation of his former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.

    It has come out that the reporter behind the article, Michael Schmidt, NEVER saw the memo that Comey wrote. In an interview on television with MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, Schmidt was fumbling around with his words, but one claim stuck out.

    “Someone that had seen [the memo] had recounted details to me.” In other words, Schmidt is just going based off of what someone had told him and didn’t see if the memo was verifiable. That doesn’t offer much in the way of proof.

    This also wasn’t the first time that Schmidt has been called out for getting a story wrong and only using anonymous sources. He was the same person that reported on the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

    GotNews reported that Schmidt had used his oh-so-credible anonymous sources to claim that one of the San Bernardino terrorists had openly talked about jihad. The issue was SHE DIDN’T.

    It was enough for his BOSS to come in and reprimand Schmidt. He even called for “systematic changes” to how they use anonymous sources.

    The open admission on MSNBC proves that the NYT reporter hasn’t learned his lesson. If he can’t verify the memo personally, then why should anyone believe him?
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    Ah the release problem with the media. They have said so much with no proof that they have painted themselfs into a tight corner so they have no choice but to keep going in hopes something will stick.

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    If the source isn't named and willing to testify under oath, there is no story. None of the news outlets are credible any more. Agendas are driving reporting, not news.

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    They all just "want to be counted" by their friends. Just like most of Hollywood. Nothing informative let alone truthful to say.


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