'Clock Boy' Loses in Court, Father's Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed
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Thread: 'Clock Boy' Loses in Court, Father's Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed

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    Default 'Clock Boy' Loses in Court, Father's Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed

    JANUARY 10, 2017

    A district court judge in Texas has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by Ahmed Mohamed on his own behalf and on behalf of his 15-year-old son, Ahmed Mohamed. They had sued Fox News, Glenn Beck, and the mayor of Irving -- among others -- for defamation in September of 2016.

    A year earlier, Ahmed, then a 14-year-old freshman at an Irving, Texas, high school, was arrested, briefly detained by police, and suspended for three days after bringing to school a [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] that looked like a briefcase bomb. Ahmed claimed to have "invented", and that he had brought it to school to show it to his shop teacher.

    The incident led many to question the Mohamed family's motives. Newly appointed District Court Judge Maricela Moore dismissed the lawsuit following a nearly three-hour hearing on Monday, according to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]:

    The motion to dismiss was filed by lawyers from the American Freedom Law Center (“AFLC”) and local counsel Pete Rowe on behalf of the Center for Security Policy (“CSP”) and Jim Hanson, two of the defendants in the defamation case, which also named as defendants the local Fox affiliate, Glenn Beck, and Beck’s production company.Mohamed had sued Hanson and CSP for statements Hanson had made on Beck’s program about the connection between the Clock Boy hoax bomb affair, the attendant media frenzy created in large part by his father Mohamed, civilization jihad, and the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations (“CAIR”), the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group in the United States that promotes civilization jihad.

    During the hearing, AFLC co-founder and senior counsel David Yerushalmi explained to Judge Moore that the purpose of the lawfare-driven lawsuit was to intimidate into silence those who might comment publicly on the connection between jihad, terrorism, sharia, and Islam. As such, Yerushalmi argued, "this case is a classic Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation or ‘SLAPP’ case and should be dismissed.”

    During the lengthy hearing, Judge Moore pressed Mohamed’s lawyer, Fort Worth attorney Susan Hutchison, to provide any facts that would suggest that Hanson and the other defendants had said anything false or defamatory about Mohamed or his son during the television broadcasts. After spending a painfully embarrassing 15 minutes flipping through reams of paper, Mohamed’s lawyer was unable to provide any such evidence.

    At the conclusion of the hearing, Judge Moore said that she would rule by the end of the day. On Tuesday, the court published Judge Moore’s ruling dismissing the lawsuit against Hanson and CSP with prejudice.

    Upon leaving the courtroom, Yerushalmi made the following statement:

    “This lawsuit filed by Clock Boy’s father is yet another example of Islamist lawfare, which is a component of the Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihad.”Yerushalmi further explained that the purpose of such lawsuits, formally labelled Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (“SLAPP”), is to intimidate into silence those who might comment publicly on the connection between jihad, terrorism, sharia, and Islam.

    Yerushalmi added:

    The Islamists employ the progressive mainstream media to label any public criticism of a sharia-centric, jihad-driven Islam as "Islamophobic," and they add fear and financial ruin to the equation by utilizing the legal system to file SLAPP actions.

    Now that the lawsuit has been dismissed, the AFLC is petitioning the court for lawyer fees and sanctions against Clock Boy's dad.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Yeah, they can take all this crap back to the middle-east, and do it there,

    can't they? Why do we need "jihad, terrorism, sharia, and islam" here?

    If you're going to turn America into the Middle East, why not just stay

    in the Middle East, to begin with?

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    This kid (aka, clock boy) will be back in the news, one way or another. I suspect tied to an act of terrorism.
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    Well, what they need to do is deport both of them.....Goodbye!
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    Deportation would send a message and set a good example.
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    What other country in the world would NOT deport these guys, after he

    made a bomb part? Kick their asses out NOW.
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    Isn't that one of Ocrapheads "sons"
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