2nd Aircraft Carrier Group Deployed To North Korea
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Thread: 2nd Aircraft Carrier Group Deployed To North Korea

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    Default 2nd Aircraft Carrier Group Deployed To North Korea

    19 MAY 2017

    Tensions with North Korea are on the rise, and that is a big problem for the rest of the world. The hermit nation, run by dictator Kim Jong-Un, has run ballistic and nuclear tests almost at will, despite warnings from other nations.

    They have made no reservations about their plans for these weapons of mass destruction. The United States, not content with one aircraft carrier out near the area, has just sent a second cruiser to the Korean Peninsula.

    Defense officials told CNN that the USS Ronald Reagan will be joining the USS Carl Vinson for joint drills off the coast of the peninsula. The Ronald Reagan was originally in its home port in Japan, but it left on Tuesday.

    The plan is for the carrier to sail to the East Sea or Sea of Japan, according to a military source in South Korea.

    The Carl Vinson was sent to the area last month when North Korea was expected to have a sixth nuclear test. The carrier is expected to stay in the area until June, when it will most likely be replaced by the Ronald Reagan.

    Rear Adm. Charles Williams had a prepared statement to the press. He spoke about how the ship was coming out of a maintenance duration and they want to make sure the sailors are ready for anything.

    When the carrier reaches the proper destination, it’s going to conduct drills focusing on the ability to safely launch and recover aircraft that goes out.

    A correspondent for the Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese paper, wrote, “Deploying the Reagan strike group off the Korean Peninsula would send a strong message that the Trump administration [is] taking the possible threat from North Korea very seriously.”

    In other words, North Korea and Kim Jong-Un had better watch out. The United States isn’t playing around anymore.
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    If I were a fat little tyrant and I lived on a peninsula and my mortal enemies were on one side and my big brother (who I just recently dissed) was on another and the other two sides had US carrier groups conducting "drills" on my other two sides…….

    I think I'd be open to talks about how I was going to behave from now on…

    But little fat Kim doesn't think like me.

    Really, the best thing for him to do is strap a nuke to one of his rockets (that is batting .250 getting off the launch pad right now) and light the fuse. The result is going to be the same if it is a success or a failure.

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    I am surprised the Little Fat Nutcase is still breathing. I wonder what China want from the rest of us to step on that bug? They have never shown this much restraint when dealing with nations that displeased them. They have more up the sleeve than their arm.....Hmmm...

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