S&W Model 33
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Thread: S&W Model 33

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    Default S&W Model 33

    I acquired an 38 S & W CTG Model 33-II (it appears) serial 107956 on butt of handle, with words Marcas Registradas on side with Made In USA above it and Smith & Wesson, Springfield, MA underneath. How can I find out the date of weapon and value?

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    Greetings and Salutations

    There never was a S&W Model 33-11

    The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson just lumps a bunch of serial #s together.

    .38 Regulation Police and Models 32, 33

    1917-1940 1-54474
    1949-1969 54475-12278

    BUT....it also lists:

    33-1 (1961) Begin J frame production, increase frame size and cylinder length to 1.4"

    1968: Delete diamond grip.
    1969: Begin "R" serial prefix.
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