Conversion from powder to powder?
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    Default Conversion from powder to powder?

    I have a Herters .401 Powermag. The problem is that being a discontinued wildcat, there is very little load data to be found.
    My question is: Is there a formula, or a way to to convert loads from one powder to another? For example, if the recommended load of 2400 is 19.5gr, is there a way to figure out how much of, say, Unique I would use?
    I have tried to find similar loads for other guns, that list the different powders, but I have not found much success in cross referencing like that.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Conversion from powder to powder?

    There are really no standard conversions that I've ever seen and it's important to note that powders' behavior is not linear. They vary from cartridge to cartridge and I have never seen an algorithm that could be safely or effectively used. I just looked at my RCBS Load software and couldn't find anything similar, either.

    I have taken a powder that has similar load characteristics to the original and worked loads up from a baseline (usually about 20% or more reduced), by ½ gr increments. I’ll use my chrono and watch for signs of overpressure. But that is not completely reliable if you don’t have a strain gauge or other way of accurately measuring chamber pressure (which I do not).

    ADDENDUM: I just did a search for "Herters .401 Powermag" on Yahoo and found some interesting info, as well as some references to discussions on other forums. Might be of some help. ~GR

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