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Do you have the RIGHT powder bar installed? There are four, and I had great success with the pistol powder bar for .223, but you may be having problems it you are using the pistol powder bar instead of the normal rifle powder bar.
Did you disassemble the measure and thoroughly clean it (Hornady One Shot Cleaner and Dry Lube works great) and have you run any graphite powder through it?
After you add powder to the hopper, do you give the measure a few light shakes to settle the powder and then throw at least 10 throws (and return the powder to the hopper) before you ever start to weigh check?
Have you called Dillon to ask for help?
If you have done all these things, you can put an aquarium pump or small vibrator on the measure to keep the powder settled.
Sorry I didn't get a notification you guys posted. Yeah I'm suing the rifle thrower. Originally I was using the pistol by accident and had worse problems. It's every other throw. After the first throw it's fine but with any shaking it makes more get tossed the next. So I been making a round, throwing and tossing back into the press then making another and so on. Sucks but it is what it is. I'm finding it's going to just take time loading rifle rounds. InhBe cleaned the inside out with a cloth but haven't tried the components your mentioned. Thanks guys.