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    Default P.A.Luty's "Expedient 9mm submachine gun"

    Has anyone attempted Mr. Luty's home project 9mm? What were your results?

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    P.A. Luty is a Britt who has published a couple of books on how to build your own MG out of ordinary materials without any special equipment or skills. He's been arrested twice for doing so. In my book that gives him "street cred", so to speak. If it didn't work, why would they bother arresting him? So if anyone has heard anything about the book I would like to hear from you on what you've "heard".

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    I own several of his books.
    The working of the machine gun looks functional.
    I have gone so far as to acquire the seamless tubing.
    Since I own a small mill and lathe, I sould be able to put it together in a couple weeks.
    Owning the unfinished parts is no crime, building it will get you an all exspense vacation which can last 25 years.
    I try to be ready just in case there ain't no law, that's when it will be built.

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    Good advice. Owning just a receiver of any kind that is for a MG is illegal w/out the proper permits. Be careful.


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