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Thread: Whats the first gun I (you) should buy

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    My dad was against toy firearms (to include BB guns). He said they teach bad firearm handling habits. I now understand his rationale.
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    ^^^ One thing it thought me was how to hold over if I wanted to shoot something further than 20 feet loll (ok maybe 40)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobs View Post
    Started out with a BB gun then a .22 air gun (still have that one very useful lol) then I bought a ruger 10/22, sold it bought a 9mm carbine then a 9mm pistol, .45 and so on bigger calibers... It worked for me

    I went backwards. Dad started me with a 12 gauge only because where we lived we couldn't shoot unless we went to the club which was trap and skeet only. I was about 10 i think. A couple of years later we moved to NY and lived in the country and got a .22 and shot holes in anything i could use for a target.
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    I agree with the rationale that toys cause bad habits I made my son handle every gun toy or bb as a real gun at no point anytime was he to point even a toy gun at someone. But for BB guns they can teach a lot of important stuff such as trigger control and using iron sights properly before the noise and recoil cause even more bad habits. A 22lr doesn't have a lot of recoil but to a 5 year old it can still be kinda scary

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    My first gun was a 10/22 and I wanted much more at the time.
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    When I was a kid, my Daisy Model 25 was as good as a 30.06, to me.

    I could hit a dime at 50 yards, too. I'm surprised I didn't wear that thing out.

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