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    Default Independence ammo ?

    never heard of this brand but Cope's has it in 45 acp and I was just wondering what the general consensus was on this ammo. I'll be reloading it so the brass needs to be good as well. Also has anyone heard of Estate ammo was looking at some 9mm from them but had never heard of them

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    That's a new one on me. I haven't heard of them before.

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    Picked up some at Dick's once.
    Shot perfectly fine but.............................................


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    I've shot lots of it and still have some in the ammo safe. It runs well, never have had an issue with it.
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    Independence ammo is an "economy" line of ammo. When it was first introduced, around 2000, the ammo in various calibers was being made by CBC of Brazil. It can be identified by a flat-base "U" or "V" impression on the primer cup (typical of CBC ammo).

    Later several different companies supplied cases for the ammo. The identification for Independence ammo is " *I* " on the headstamp. Most recently the Independence brand boxes have been filled with Blazer Brass ammo (stamped "BLAZER"). Makes sense because the manufacturer of Independence ammo is Ammunition Accessories Inc., of Lewiston, ID. Guess where Speer and CCI ammo comes from? Yep. Lewiston, ID.

    Estate is famous for their high quality shotgun shells, made mostly for shotgun gaming.
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