Great Garage Door Opener Customer Service...
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Thread: Great Garage Door Opener Customer Service...

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    Default Great Garage Door Opener Customer Service...

    I think this is allowed here. This is about Chamberlain Garage Door Openers. They're great.
    I just bought this house. Lady who owned it said the remote for the garage door has never worked. Thought it was never programmed. She didn't park her car in the garage. She had no need for it. This house is 8 years old. Garage Door Opener installed when house built.
    To make a long story short as possible.
    Couldn't program the remote.
    Chamberlain sent me a new logic board. I had to pay for it. Warranty good for only a year. They sent me the entire back of the garage door opener. Not just the board. It didn't work.
    Back on the phone with them. They got embarrassed. Told me they will refund the logic board. They sent me a new Universal Remote for free.
    It worked!
    I have to say. This thing is 8 years old. They came through on Customer Service. They're great.
    I know by looking. Chamberlain isn't expensive either. I have to say they're Outstanding.
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    Sometimes were are surprised by good customer service. RCBS, and Dillon do similar service to their customers.

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