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Thread: Carry Guns: Semi-automatic vs. Revolver

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    Aside from the obvious requirements of reliability and accuracy, the principle consideration is concealability. I can practice and train to be comfortable, confident and effective with just about anything, but if I can't conceal it without making wardrobe changes and accommodations, it's the wrong gun. Concealability isn't everything, it's the only thing.

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    For me, concealability is a fluid concept. I have made, and will make adjustments,

    depending on the situation. Some folks are highly resistant to multiple hits,

    with smaller, less powerful calibers, don't ya know.

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    I have been shooting revolvers since 1971 and still like them. I carry both revolvers and semi autos, but only from Glock, Colt, Ruger, Sig or HK. I have revolvers in .22 mag to .44 mag and inbetween including a .327 Federal Magnum Ruger LCR and 11 oz. S&W 340PD, both with CT Laser grips. Once you learn trigger control on a revolver and how to handle the recoil of a .357 magnum or .44 mag., you can shoot anything put into your hands. Most guys I know cannot shoot revolvers and will complain about Glock and similar triggers. I find those too light and put heavier triggers in to prevent firing before I am ready to. They feel like hair triggers to me. :)

    When I buy a revolver I will carry it before I shoot it. I do not need to practice with it as I have shot many models and types over the last 47 years. I do not have to buy magazines or spent $200 to buy 200 rounds of practice and 100 rounds of carry ammo to test reliability. Most times I have to buy different brands to find the one my gun likes. Add some extra mags that need to be tested and it can get expensive. What is worse is when your semi jams on the next to last break in round so you have to start all over again. :)

    With a revolver I do not have to test which ammo works in my gun without jamming. No magazines to buy and if I put one away and then carry it 5 years later it will work. Not so much with a semi whose lubrication or grease has hardened or evaporated. Both types of guns have their place but the main issue with a revolver is capacity but my S&W 686 snub nose holds 7 rounds and my Ruger .327 mag holds six which is the same as my Glock 43 with one in the chamber. My snub nose .44 mag loaded with .44 spl holds six rounds so I am fine with that. In fact, I was trained for years to engage multiple targets with a revolver and to make my shots count rather than spray and pray. However, I fought with a 1911 and find them comforting. So what I carry depends on my mood and circumstances. Both have their place and most would be surprised to know that up to a few years ago, at least, their 642 snubbie outsold all their other handguns combined. Even today the number of people buying snub nose revolvers is very large. Just that many do not want to admit to carrying them. :)
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