Is That Springfield XDm Worth The Price Premium?
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    Default Is That Springfield XDm Worth The Price Premium?

    The old Glock vs XD discussion.

    But is the XDm worth the extra price. You pick up a grip safety, not much more.

    Why chose the XDm over the Glock??

    Glock $499

    XDm $650+

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    It depends on what you are planning on doing with the XDm. If you are going to shoot competition. And need the extra capacity of the XDm magazines. Then the XDm might be worth the extra price.
    But for normal shooting (IMHO) the difference between the XD or a Glock and the XDm is not worth the extra price.
    Having said that. I bought the XDm in 9mm anyway. Just because I like the looks of the pistol and I am a Springfield XD fan. So I had to have the XDm.

    If you are just looking for a good gun and are trying to choose between the two. The Glock is every bit as good as the XDm for normal use.
    I would suggest renting both guns if you are not already familiar with them and get some trigger time with each. After shooting them you may decide that you like the XDm and that it is worth the extra cost.

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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] You get better ergonomics, a match-grade barrel, simplified takedown and a few other feature improvements over the XD. I like them as a shooter and as a dealer. I can't keep them in stock -- folks are very willing, even anxious, to pay the extra $60.00 or so that I get for them.

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    I shot the XDm 9mm that a good friend of mine has last Tuesday night. He had sent it off and had some trigger work done on it. I have to admit that was the best shooting plastic gun I have ever fired. I like my G19 and M&P well enought but then again I am use to them. Are they worth the price difference, I would say no.


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