Interested in competition shooting.
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Thread: Interested in competition shooting.

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    Default Interested in competition shooting.

    I will be going to see a IDPA match and the IPSC next month. One is the first weekend the other is second weekend.
    The matches are less then half an hour from my house. (They also shoot skeet weekly, but not into that yet.)

    I hear IDPA has weird rules and set ups, but the IPSC shoots a lot more rounds. (2 boxes of ammo versus 3 boxes)

    Where can I find a 3 weapon match?
    I don't have a rifle as of yet, but might be interested in the future.

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    I found out about a pistol comp team through my local gun club. They shoot one handed at 50 feet at an 8 inch target. Been training for it. The league starts in the fall.
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    rules and regs are a fact of life with any of the major shooting organizations/competitions......IDPA, USPSA, etc, etc....

    watching in the background and observing first hand is a good step. I tried my hand briefly with USPSA but it was simply not my cup of tea. I suggest if possible stay for the entire match and observe all stages and especially watch the different shooters and their skill level......Not everyone is a Rob Leatham or a clone of Jerry Miculek.......but they are still having a lot of fun especially on the local levels.......

    talk to some of the competitors......they have source information about ranges, and different competitions in the area. Some shooters may shoot more than one discipline and many frequently make a traveling circuit to different matches at different locations on different weekends within an acceptable distance.....just because they like to shoot and have some fun competition.

    these different ranges/clubs and their operators also are aware of different ranges and competitions so they offer their competitions on different an example,
    Bug Tussle might offer IDPA on the 1st weekend of the month......
    Hooterville knows this so they offer USPSA on the 2nd weekend........
    Petticoat Junction sees all this so they offer ICORE on the 3rd weekend.......
    and Pixley will offer Hunter/Pistol matches on the 4th weekend.
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    IPSC match this Sunday, IDPA is next Sunday.
    The club that puts these matches on is close enough, I might join. But it's almost $100 a year. Have to wait to see the shooting area before I decide.


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