Sharps Rifle info?
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    Default Sharps Rifle info?

    Hi everyone. My father was given an old rifle that we know nothing about. We have been trying to do some research and we have found all the markings on the rifle. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me any more information about it. It has Sharps Rifle Co Hartford Conneticut on the barrel in front of the rear sight. The rear sight has R S Lawrence Pat. Feb 15 1859 stamped. There is a serial number behind the breach that we thing says C. 54338, we can make out the C. 543 part the last 2 numbers are kind of worn. Calibre 40 is stamped on the top of the barrel in front of the breach. And there is a stamp on the side of the reciever but is very hard to make out. Here are a few photos.

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    Adam Boutilier
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    Interesting... You picture what looks like a Christian Sharps Model 1859 Carbine (missing its patch box and with a hex barrel) with a proper serial number for this issue. Unfortunately, all of these carbines were in .52 Caliber, had a patch box in the stock and had round barrels.

    Whatever your rifle is, any Christian Sharps Carbine is worth serious money to collectors.
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    My standard reference on Sharps is simplified and not helpful. I'd suggest checking the reference book by Sellers.


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