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Thread: Ortgies

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    Default Ortgies

    I have been looking at these for a while but the prices were a little more than I wanted to pay. This one popped up with a Buy it Now price that I couldn't say no to. These were built, originally by Heinrich Ortgies, and later by Deutsche Werke, from 1922 till about 1928. It's a 7.65/32auto caliber. It is a very tight solid little gun, and shoots very accurately considering the tiny little sights. I have a feeling this one might see quite a bit of use.
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    Default Ortgies

    I have one (1) .32 auto/7.62mm and three (3) .25 auto/6.35mm. They are really well made little pistols and shoot right where you point them. My 68 year old lady friend loves the 25 cal I gave her and has gone through a couple of boxes of cartridges just plinking cans. It really "fits" well in her hand. I am looking for a rare .38/9mm short version.
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