New Puchase 9mm Star 30M and Cleaning Tips.
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    Default New Puchase 9mm Star 30M and Cleaning Tips.

    I have been looking for one of these for a while, there still are many of them out there but the cost is going up anywhere from 250 to 400 dollars. When I saw this one in a local shop I was happy with the price and that someone installed an adjustable rear LPA sight a 50 dollar add-on. The gun needed a good cleaning and restoring which I did “later in this post I will highlight some techniques I use to do so”. The gun was dirty and on the matted blued areas had that brownish look to the steel; it does not anymore it looks new.

    The Positives: Everything I have read out on the web and forums are nothing but positive, very accurate, well constructed and reliable. Many comments I saw stated that this is one of the best shooting 9mm out there, some even quoted that it was better than their Glock or newer purchased firearms.

    The Negatives: Hard to find parts, you can find grips, magazines, springs and few other parts. However the comments that I have read state that most people that own them have for a good period of time for over 15 plus years have had no issues. Another negative I read on two different forums were people traded and sold them and wished they never did.


    Type: Double Action
    Chamber: 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum
    Weight unloaded: 2.51 lb “It is a heavy gun”
    Length: 8.07 in
    Barrel length: 4.7 in
    Capacity: 15 rounds

    The Star 30M is an updated version of the earlier Star 28M pistol. Star 30M is a recoil operated, locked breech pistol, that uses Browning-designed, linkless locking (High Power-type), with two lugs on the barrel and shaped cam under the chamber that interacts with slide stop axis inside the frame.
    Star 30M features double action trigger with slide mounted ambidextrous safety that locks the firing pin only, leaving trigger and hammer unaffected on "safety on" position, thus allowing the gun to be "dry fired" . Star 30M also features a magazine safety, which disables firing when the magazine in not in position. Another safety feature is a loaded chamber indicator. Star 30M features internal slide rails (like the SIG P-210 or CZ-75). The frame and slide are made from steel. Fixed Front post sight with white bar sighting system, the rear sight is dovetailed and thus can be adjusted for windage with red dot sighting system; my rear sight was replaced with a fully adjustable windage and elevation made by LPA.


    This pistol had been developed and manufactured in Spain by Star Bonifacio Echeverria SA Company. The Star 30M appeared in 1990 and had been adopted as a service pistol by the Spanish Military and Police, as well as by Peruvian police and Guardia Civil and National Police. The Star Company was established in 1900 thru 1993. The Star Company and Astra Company merged and in 1993, because of financial problems however still went bankrupt “Their financial problem where due to competition mainly a Brazil company we all know as Taurus “ and then a new company was formed call ASTAR that still is in business today.

    Cleaning & Restoration Tips for Full Steel Pistols:

    WARNING: These are tips on how I have approached gun cleaning and restoration of used purchased weapons. I’m not responsible if any of these tips do not work for your needs or damage your weapon. These are only suggestions and you are responsible for the end results not me.

    1.When purchasing an older or used weapon look-up and obtain technical documentation. I have always had good luck on the web finding documentation with a little web searching.
    2.Disassemble the weapon fully or partially, I prefer to fully disassembling so that to get rid of all the dirt and oil buildup and it will familiarize yourself with your weapon.
    3.For pistol cleaning I find a container that will fit the overall pistol size “usually a cooking plastic container works great “my wife loves when I do this”. I use hot water and dawn dish detergent with a tooth brush and 0000 steel wool and scrub the parts down and then rinse them. Whip down the parts and dry them with a cloth or paper towel.
    4.Heat you kitchen oven to warm or 200 degrees and place the parts on a tray in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, "THIS SHOULD ONLY BE DONE ON FULL STEEL AND STAINLESS STEEL PISTOL PARTS" plastic of course will not do well in the oven. My wife loves when I do this in our oven “Yeah Right!” This will completely dry and get of the moisture out of the steel and it will bring any oils to the surface that where missed by the previous cleaning process.
    5.Once you have remove the pieces from the oven and allowed to cool so that you can handle the parts whip them down with a cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol. Do not touch the pieces with your bare hands; you do not want to get your natural oils on the parts.
    6.If your weapon has any bluing that is worn off or damaged then at this time touch up the bluing with a cotton ball and Birchwood Casey Super Liquid Blue.
    7.If you have any lettering on the guns steel or sights that you would like to fill in with white then you can use a white china marker, however they are hard to find these days. I use a Sharpie Permanent White Stick called Mean Streak that I feel works much better than a china maker. You can find the Sharpie Marker at Office Depot. Once it dries it is there for good, however you need to remove the white on the letters at a later time you can with a tooth brush and lacquer thinner. To apply the white to the lettering rub the white marker over the lettering thoroughly and then immediately whip off the excess white with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Don’t press to hard when whipping off you do not want to remove the white within the lettering groves you just applied.
    8.Once the bluing is dry and if white lettering has been applied whip down the pieces with gun oil and 0000 steel wool and the remove excess oil with a cloth or paper towel.
    9.If you have a stainless steel parts or steel parts that are polished then I use a Dremel tool with a polishing cloth wheel attachment and steel or stainless steel buffing compound, I use on all steel Ryobi E Buffing Compound that you can obtain from Home Depot. Whip off excess buffing compond with 0000 steel wool and cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol.
    10.Oil the required parts and areas of the weapon and then reassembly.
    11.Whip the steel components down with a Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloth; you can purchase a can of these clothes at Ace Hardware. Let the polish dry for about five minutes and whip off with cloth or paper towel. The Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloth will work great on any of your firearms and will not remove bluing, however if there is painted on lettering or painted on details it could remove that, however it will not remove the white letter I mentioned above that was applied with a Sharpie Permanent White Stick. A good rule if you’re not sure is to try it on a test area first. I have always had good results with this product.

    Just some helpful tips I wanted to pass on to fellow collectors.

    Hope they help.
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    After shooting the Star 30m, I agree with everything people said about the weapon it is a keeper.

    This was my first target, not bad after considering the night before being New Years Eve and all. after adjusting the rear sights I did improve a bit more.

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    Congrats man! Looks like you found a real good piece! Enjoy!
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    It is always pretty cool to have something a little out of the mainstream. Congrats on the new piece.
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    I have only seen one at a gun show and your right about it being on the hefty side. The main thing is it's shooting good for you and that's all that counts. Good luck with it.


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